"Vive La Chez Passet"

It’s been a tumultuous couple of weeks for everyone in one way or another. The weather in the Pyrenees has been a mixed bag with temperatures ranging from the mid-teens to the middle 30’s (℃), with thunder, a bit of rain, a lot of humidity and some glorious sunshine often all in the same day. All Cols are open and with the Tour de France passing through on Saturday July 9th, the roads have been resurfaced and are in pristine condition. We’ll be there watching so keep an eye out for the Chez Passet jerseys. We’ve been busy at Chez Passet and right in the middle of it we were faced with the Brexit vote and the repercussions from it. Needless to say that Brexit was the subject of much mirth and merriment around the dinner table, second only to the day’s riding reports, although in all seriousness it will most likely affect us and our business in the long term. For now the words “Keep calm and carry on” resound within us and in keeping with the Chez Passet mission statement, we just go riding and forget about it - ‘cos life’s too short not to'.