Respect, Speed and BIG Cojones…

Run since 1896, this race certainly deserves it’s nickname ‘Hell Of The North”, it really was mental and physical attrition – and I loved it!

The weather was a typical northern France day; a cold early morning fog gave way to clear skies with a slight breeze.

Over 3000 riders took part and with many of the prime viewing places taken in anticipation for the pro race the following day, the ride had a magical atmosphere.

By Tim - 15/04/14

Well, I’m all packed and ready to tackle the Paris-Roubaix Challenge, wondering if the bike and I will make it or not…
Should be quite the adventure, plan to stay an extra day and watch the pro’s show me how it’s done.
If you’d like to track my progress, you can follow me at -
The ride is this Saturday.
I’m bib number 2344

By Tim - 09/04/14

French Bureaucracy

By Tim - 04/04/14

3€ wine tasting! Who wouldn't go for that price?

I found a little wine fair that the Lions Club of Lourdes has put on for the weekend and was keen to go.
The fair showcased wines from different French wine regions alongside regional products.
3€ to get in and gives you a tasting glass (which we kept) and all the food and wine you can handle.
We were a little skeptical that it would be a big hall with a table and bottle of wine in the middle but what a treat.... and in lil' ol Lourdes, who'd of thought?

By Tim - 28/03/14

Today was one of those exceptional days in the Pyrenees, after a recent snow storm, snow down to 550 metres, the sun came out so I went exploring. 
The beauty of the Pyrenees is that as most of the back roads are paved (unlike the ones back home in Canada), which means that I can ride to almost anywhere that I see.
I wasn't sure where I was going and didn't know where the road went, but discovered that the road does lead to somewhere… fun!

Exploring the Pyrenees 


By Tim - 27/03/14

I’ve recently been asked a few times about “What gears should I use when cycling in the Pyrenees”?
Tough to answer because there are many factors to consider – person’s ability/fitness level (number 1 factor), high mountain riding experience, any injuries to knees or back, what gear ratio are they currently using (if they know) and where do they normally ride (flats, rolling hills etc…), do they spin or push a big gear? Have they tried a compact or a triple?

By Tim - 22/03/14

If you're wondering what "Cols" are open in the Pyrenees at this time of year, today Di and I rode our first "Official Col", the Col du Soulor. We rode it from the Argeles side (not my favorite side) but I must say that for this time of the year it was ideal. We arrived at the top to find that the road across to the Aubisque was still closed (snow), the cafe was open and the beer tasted "great".

First "Col" of the year, I hope that they're all as good as this one - blue sky, quiet roads, very little traffic and spectacular scenery...

By Tim - 20/03/14

Hey everybody, the new Twitter feed is live. All our blog updates will now be Tweeted!

By admin - 19/03/14

Why is it that there's always one person who needs to be on the front in a group ride?

Even when it's your turn to lead they have to go ahead of you... good thing I kicked his ass going uphill!


By Tim - 16/03/14

Today was a perfect spring day at our cycle friendly B&B in the pyrenees. Blue skies, 20° temps and after the morning chores were done I headed out for a quiet spin around the back roads of the area. I met plenty of people out and about, all with a smile and a "Bonjour" and a few with an "Allez Allez" as I ventured up the hills.

By Tim - 14/03/14