The winter here in the Pyrenees, much like the weather in the UK, has been a wet one for the past 2 weeks. Although we maybe a bit luckier, the sun has made an appearance and allowed us to eat lunch outside which is a bonus at this time of year.

By Tim - 01/02/14

I can’t believe it’s been this long since I wrote a blog – that sure went by quickly!

Since my last blog; the roads around the area are almost repaired (very impressive job that they’ve done considering the damage), the three weeks of the Tour de France was fantastic, the weather has been spectacular, the guests have kept us busy (DC Velo from Washington gave us a great time), the CP Hillclimb Challenge record was smashed, the countryside is as vibrant as I’ve ever seen it, Di’s garden has gone crazy, and all is well at Chez Passet.

By Tim - 23/08/13

Having lived in the mountains for over 20 years I have seen my fair share of what nature can bring - avalanches, electrical storms, forest fires, landslides, destruction and yes, unfortunately death.

Mountain weather can, at the best of times, be unpredictable, so the events over the last few days here in the Pyrénées shouldn’t surprise many.

By Tim - 20/06/13

I set off on a 5-day cycle tour (touring bike with loaded rear paniers) of the eastern Pyrenees to climb some of the lesser known and some of the familiar “Cols” of the area.

Our starting point was south of Toulouse in the Ariege Region, just north of the Spanish border – where the influence of the Resistance (Maquis) during the Second World War is very strong.

By Tim - 19/05/13



Well, it's been a mixed bag of weather lately - blazing sunshine one day to just above freezing the next so I've been taking advantage of getting out for a ride when I can.

The upper "Cols" are still closed (avalanche danger with the changing temperatures), the lower "Cols" are in great shape and the back roads are almost non-existent of traffic.

It's a nice time to be out and explore new routes - the landscape has changed from winter to spring and all the fields are now green and lush which makes the countryside come to life.

By Tim - 02/05/13

Spring has arrived – the weather has been perfect for riding, I’m starting to tackle some of the lower “Cols” trying to get the legs used to the strain of climbing again (we’ve had a lot of snow this year so not sure when the “Big Cols” will open). It’s amazing how quickly you lose the ability to sustain a long climb at full pace – it will come back but it seems like I’m a long way off…

By Tim - 12/03/13

Located just 15kms from Chez Passet, The "Hautacam" (Hate-A-Cam as Di calls it!) is an Hors Categorie climb used in the Tour de France and one which I like to climb as the views and road undulations make it a great ride...

 It's a fun climb, it takes you through little villages perched on the hlllside and its generally quiet.

The weather finally changed and I felt the need to “get out” and see how the mountains look – fantastic was the answer to that…

By Tim - 02/02/13



Di and I decided to take a week off and head back to where it all began for us.

I started my first European ski season in Val d’Isére 30 years ago and it’s the place where Di and I met (yes I can remember the date but I don’t want to show Di’s age…).

We had a fantastic week of skiing, finished off with a pow day, plenty of face shots and big smiles all around.

By Tim - 16/01/13

 I still can’t believe that yet another has gone by – saw some of my old friends that I haven’t seen for a while and met a few new ones.

We had a busy summer season, expanded our “Empire” with "", found plenty of new routes to ride/hike and generally tried to discover more of this wonderful area.

My Highlight - was taking part in the Haute Route CycloSportive – Geneva to Nice over 7 days…

By Tim - 03/01/13



So far it’s a fantastic fall for living in the Pyrenees – we had our last summer guests up until the end of October and since then we’ve been stealing as much time as we can away from our chores to explore the beauty of the area.

Di’s hiking up a storm, discovering new areas and showing me what’s “just around the corner” from Chez Passet – always amazes me to find little villages in the middle of nowhere where families have been living for which looks like generations…

By Tim - 18/11/12