In between guests Di and I managed a quick break to the heart of the Basque Country (2 hr. drive west-165kms) to get away and do some hiking. We had a great time discovering the history of oldest indigenous living group in Europe – fascinating, very proud people and a crazy language to listen to – not a clue what their saying when you hear them talking in the street.

By Tim - 24/09/12



I’ve just arrived back from riding the Haute Route CycloSportive – Geneva to Nice.

It’s been a fantastic 7 days of high mountain climbing, descending and a little bit of flat valley riding in between…

There were cyclists from 33 different countries all sharing in the experience, the standard of riding was very high with a couple of pro’s thrown in to show us mere mortals how it’s done.

By Tim - 31/08/12



Yesterday I rode L’Etape du Tour – one word to describe it would be “Brutal”.

Over 8000 cyclists (they originally said 10,000) took part; we rode Stage 16 of this year’s Tour de France route (which takes place this Wednesday) – Pau to Bagneres de Luchon.

By Tim - 15/07/12



It’s July already (where did May and June go?), which means that it’s Tour de France time and Chez Passet is a busy place with cycling being the top of the conversation around the dinner table.

By Tim - 06/07/12



This past week saw a change in pace at Chez Passet - we held our " Four day Introduction to Wine Course", which was a great success.

The weather co-operated with sunny skies and glorious heat allowing everyone time to enjoy it before and after “class time”.

Our guests were treated to 3 hours instruction per day that covered all aspects of wine, from it’s history, to food and wine pairing and as we’re in France, the wines of France.

By Tim - 12/06/12



The month of April saw the weather revert back to seasonal and we had a tough month for riding (rain &rain). During this time I managed to pull my hamstring so I started to go to Physio (not really sure what type of Physio it was but it seems to be the way they do it in France…).

My cycle trip to the Med has been postponed until Oct. so I’m now riding again and building up my fitness ahead of the 3 major CycloSportives of the season starting next month.

By Tim - 15/05/12


Today was a stunning day - I finished my chores (well, not all of them...) and went for a ride. The Pyrenees were in their glory today, nice temperature (19º), no traffic and a spectacular route made for a perfect ride...

Di took off and went for a ride on her own to discover a new route that she's found, and came back with a big grin on her face...

All is good on the 9th of April - Happy Easter.


The Pyrénées From Chez Passet...

By Tim - 09/04/12



Spring has arrived and Chez Passet is waking up after a harsh winter. I’ve already had to cut the lawn twice and now we’re busy with Di’s vegetable garden, planting for the summer (as well as painting and landscaping, there’s always something to do…).

By Tim - 02/04/12


Winter arrived in a big way at Chez Passet – the locals said it was the coldest they’ve seen since 1985 (someone should have shown them how to insulate a home back in the day), we’ve been busy with frozen pipes and even heard of someone who’s toilet had completely frozen solid!!!


By Tim - 28/02/12


The end of the year came fairly abruptly for me – I had to fly back to Canada early on New Year’s Day for family reasons. After being away for over 2 years it was not the way I wanted to go home but it was nice to see my enlarged family and spend some quality time with some of them.

I came back via London where I met Di, we had a few days of checking out the sights (by luck the London Bike Show was on…) and playied the “tourist” (never did that during my time living in the UK). 

By Tim - 18/01/12