Hope you have a Happy Holiday Season and Best Wishes for the New Year.

Ride Your Bike...

By Tim - 18/12/11


Yesturday I took a day trip to the Pinarello Shop in Treviso.

My day started early as I flew from Pau to Lyon to Venice, then Venice to Paris to Pau – it’s great to be able to experience a different country in a day and end up back at home…

I’ve always wanted to visit “The Holy Grail” of bike manufacturers (in my opinion) and Pinarello is the best (opinion again!).

By Tim - 04/12/11


Not much happenening here - the weather has finally changed. 

It's been raining for the last couple of days, which is great as I've been catching up on my 'Chores List' and both Di and I are enjoying the quiet time.

I put this video together - hope it makes you smile...

Fête du Lêzignan next weekend so I'm looking forward to that.


Nothing like A Fall day At Chez Passet....

By Tim - 06/11/11



September has brought us an array of ‘fun’ at Chez Passet - 

We had my Brother, My Nephew, The Stowmarket Cycle Club, Hikers, and a Group Of Canadians stay with us.

My brother arrived for a fleeting visit – nice work on chopping down the trees, you should think about doing it for a profession?!

My Nephew stayed for a month, helping us out around the house and learned some French (hope you use it some day?!).

By Tim - 13/10/11



I can't believe that it's been this long since I last posted on my blog! Where did that go?

What's happened since?

We've made some new friends and saw quite a few old friends - the old friends crack me up as time seems to stand still with them (I've known this one friend since I was 5) and the laughter never stops. The new friends will become old friends and I look forward to seeing them again...

We took a forced week off at the end of the Tour (guest cancelled), which enabled us to re-charge, and catch-up on our much-needed sleep. 

By Tim - 24/08/11


This was a great week at Chez Passet... the atmosphere was spectacular and the video tells it all...


"Vive le Tour"

By Tim - 23/07/11


Well, it's started... the build-up to the 2011 Tour de France....

The road works are  in full swing -  I love the roads after the TDF has come through as they are perrrfect...  smooth fresh pavement - yipee!!!

By Tim - 29/06/11


               Today I completed the Cyclo-Sportive "La Roue d'Or" where there were 6 ex-Tour de France Champions taking part (Eddy Merckx, Pedro Delgado, Bernard Thevenet,      Miguel Indurain, Roger Walkowiak and Bernard Hinault)...

I've always been a fan of Miguel Indurain (TDF winner 1991 - 1995, rides a Pinarello) and had hoped to see him and all the others along the course. The route was 112.5 kms long with an elevation gain of 2700m , starting only 15kms from Chez Passet.

By Tim - 22/05/11


I always wanted to try a little cycle touring so I asked a friend of mine if I could join him on a trip to the coast... what a trip and what an area...

By Tim - 14/05/11


Today we decided to go to Spain for the day - Di wanted to buy some wine (what's new?) and I wanted to check out a new Col to cycle (what's new?).

So we went to the Col du Pourtalet, located about an hours drive west from Chez Passet - I discovered a 26kms climb and Di discovered some more good wine so it was a win, win situation for both us AND we had a fantastic lunch in the sunshine...

By Tim - 04/05/11