This was an amazing week around Chez Passet – we’ve had beautiful weather (24 - 27° in the shade), blue skies and the some of the lower mountain Cols have opened, the cycling has taken on a whole new adventure… Spring has sprung for the moment so we’ve been taking advantage of it and delaying some jobs around the house – works for me…

By Tim - 08/04/11



For a long time I have been nagging Tim about doing some other activity than cycling. Don’t get me wrong, I love to ride, but I also like doing other things, especially in an area so full of opportunities such as where we live.

So this morning while deciding where to walk Frankie I mentioned to Tim about a walk near to Chez Passet that I’d found in a book that has a bunch of local walks suitable for children. 

By Tim - 19/03/11


It's March already and I wondering what I have done since my last blog? The more I thought about it the more I realized that we've been busy working on Chez Passet, putting our own "mark" on the place and discovering all the little idiosyncrasies that go with owning an old house...?!

By Tim - 15/03/11


Yesterday was the first CycloSportive of the season - "A Travers des Vignobles de Saint-Mont", which took place near the Madiran wine region (about 1½ hrs north of Chez Passet).

400 competitors and 2 routes available - 65kms or 100kms - I have done this one before but this time it seemed to attract a few more of the "top end racer types" along with their attitudes and their very flash bikes - is there a recession going on??

By Tim - 21/02/11


Today I went and checked out 2 Cols that I have never ridden - an unbelievable January Ride.

The Route took me on a 95 kms loop from Chez Passet, taking in quiet villages along the way finishing at the top of the Col de Couraduque with a couple of beers looking out at the snow-capped Pyrénées with no one around (the real winter snow has yet to arrive - next week so the barman told me?!).

By Tim - 14/01/11


Well, it's 2011 and 2010 sure passed quickly... time flies when you've plenty to do and you're the can't sit still type (who me - I think it's Di?).

We've had a good first year at Chez Passet and I'm looking forward to seeing what this year brings.

Di's already planning a 3 day cycle trip to the Atlantic coast with her lady friends and I'm going to try a little cycle touring to really explore the Pyréenées and check-out the Spanish side of the mountains.

By Tim - 01/01/11



Best Wishes for the Holiday Season and a Happy 2011

By Tim - 22/12/10


November 30 marks the date that Di and I landed in France to start our new chapter, exactly 1 year ago.

Seeing that we are ordinary folk who like to think big we decided it fitting that we should hold a Chez Passet Annual General Meeting to mark the occasion and make some reflective personal and business decisions.

So we convened a time and place where our shareholders  (that would be Di and I) should meet.

By Tim - 01/12/10


The last of our summer guests checked out of Chez Passet at the end of October so it’s time to enter into the “Inter – Season”. The “Inter – Season” for me is the time to relax and take stock of the past 6 months – lie in, read a book, go for a long lunch and not worry too much (I’m working on it!!).

By Tim - 15/11/10

Well, a lot has been happening since my last blog, we’ve added a new addition to the family (Frankie- 9 weeks old), which has kept us very busy with early mornings and, lots of laughter (a few of Di’s shoes are missing).

By Tim - 17/10/10