And Now For Something Completely Different...


 Well, this was a treat indeed... Always wondered what it would be like to drive an Aston Martin (watched all the James Bond movies as a kid) and finally had the opportunatey to do so (a fantastic birthday present from Di).

Before the Aston I  drove a Porsche Caymenne, which was a prelude to the main event. They had Ferrars, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Audi R8's and F3 cars available for driving.

 We flew into London and made our way to the Race Track at Thruxton Motor Speedway in Wiltshire, after a visit with an old friend (thanks for the headache Rich) and his wonderful family. Time on the track flew by (and so did the car - especially enjoyed passing the yellow Ferrari on the inside of the tight right-hand bend), and before I knew it the drive was over - but what a drive... the engine noise, the speed and the whole environment made a perfect outing... walked away from the experience speechless,  that was some car... 

It was a very easy trip and a nice to "something completely different "- won't be back there again as I've done all I wanted to, but will never forget the rush when                                  "the pedal went to the metal"


Thanks Di xo