B&B For Cyclists In The Hautes Pyrenees

Today, as I rode up the Col du Couraduque I got chatting with a guy (it was a leisurely ride) who was staying in a local hotel but was looking for a B&B that catered for cyclists – funny, “I have a got a place for you” I said. 

I explained to him about the advantages of a B&B over a hotel and offered to take him for a ride to show him what’s around (the hotel had given him a GPS unit that he didn’t know how it worked)! 

He said he’s coming back for some Etape de Tour training and would contact me shortly. We stopped at the top for a beer and descended at our own speed (I’m getting better at that, not up to the local speed but better than I was).

You never know who you meet cycling up a hill.

B&B for Cyclists in the Hautes Pyrenees – I know a good one!