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It’s July already (where did May and June go?), which means that it’s Tour de France time and Chez Passet is a busy place with cycling being the top of the conversation around the dinner table.

I’ve started my build-up for the Etape de Tour – ( with a couple of mountainous CycloSpotives, one with a temperature of 33° on the road and the other with a temperature of 5° in the pissing rain which put me in quite the hypothermic state at the finish line…

So I think I’m ready to deal with the weather on July 14 (Bastille Day) and it should be a crazy day as there will be 10,000 riders attempting to ride Stage 16 of this tear’s Tour de France.

Famous writer visits Chez Passet!

Just before the Tour began we were lucky to meet Vic and Gay Heaney who chose Chez Passet as the destination for their wedding anniversary. Vic and Gay spent their time visiting some of the local towns that were on their “do” list and in the evening joined us at Chez Passet for dinner keeping us entertained with stories from various aspects of their travels around the globe. We fully enjoyed our non-cycling guests and have nothing but admiration for the couple especially as both participated in an incredible trip (Vic walked, Gay provided much needed support) from the Pyrénées to Northern England in an effort to raise funds for pancreatic cancer.

I thought it fitting that I share with you Vic and Gay’s adventure:

Vic Heaney walked almost 2,000 kms from the French Pyrénées to Northern England. Walking for 70 days, he arrived on his 70th birthday. The book about the walk - and much else besides - is now available (all proceeds to pancreatic cancer research) in e-book form - and in paperback. The walk, like the book, was to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer research. The fund is still open for donations, It's inspirational and deserves wide coverage.


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