Cycling / Hiking In The Pyrenees

Today was one of those magical days in the Pyrénées – “Magnifique” as the French would say!
31° C in the valley (36° C in our courtyard – south facing), not a cloud in the sky and the mountain roads were deserted. 
So what should I do but go for a ride…  chores can wait - wow was this beautiful. I headed out to climb the Cirque de Troumouse, located off the road to Gavarnie (UNESCO World Heritage Site), it winds itself up a valley and then for the last 4kms it takes you up the side of a mountain (13% grades). The views are outstanding!
I encountered one other cyclist and a few hikers but the road was pretty much empty.
I often get asked about riding/hiking in October and today just re-affirmed my response – Outstanding!

Cycling / Hiking In The Pyrénées – “Magnifique” is right…