Di's Chicks ride


The weather in the mountains has been awful for a couple of weeks, curtailing any riding plans and generally confining us to the house and the long list of chores.

Finally, today the weather broke and the sun came out so we both headed for the hills on our bikes. Tim went for an early burn near to the house, exploring new and exciting routes and, of course, new climbs. Me, I went out for a chicks ride leaving Tim to clean the pool in the hope for better weather for a while.

So the Col D'Aspin was the choice for today. I was riding with my friend Megan who only started riding 3 months ago. Bitten by the riding bug, she has been keen to ride and today was to be her first ascent of a Col.

The weather was mixed but the road was dry until we reached the snow line that the recent storm cycle had left. Apparently, according to the locals, the weather in May had been very bad and uncharacteristic of the region.......humbug!

Anyway, Megan rode fantastically and made her way, breathlessly,  to the top and was overjoyed to have ridden her first Col. Her husband, Mike a keen club rider, rode the last     2 km with us after riding the Col himself. I remember my first (and for that matter, every one there-after) Col and the fact that I nearly cried when I got there. Still do for that matter!

Chicks? For sure we are, there may have been some pink somewhere.

Ride slow? Absolutely, why rush!

But we made it to the top and we had a damn good time doing it! 

A lovely climb with a nice friend. Now if I could just remember where I put the corkscrew!