End Of The Year At Chez Passet


The end of the year came fairly abruptly for me – I had to fly back to Canada early on New Year’s Day for family reasons. After being away for over 2 years it was not the way I wanted to go home but it was nice to see my enlarged family and spend some quality time with some of them.

I came back via London where I met Di, we had a few days of checking out the sights (by luck the London Bike Show was on…) and playied the “tourist” (never did that during my time living in the UK). 

Arrived back in France to catch-up on all the “goings on” that I missed and I'm now enjoying the quiet time that January brings. Busy sorting-out all the CycloSportives that I’m hoping to ride this year and working around the “Estate” as spring is not too far off.


My cycle numbers for 2011 - 9500.17 kms

                                                                                                                                                                             - 132,258 metres of climbing


End of the Year at Chez Passet - looking forward to 2012 – here’s to a good year!


PS Can you guess who’s bike is in the photo?