Fall Happenings At Chez Passet...



September has brought us an array of ‘fun’ at Chez Passet - 

We had my Brother, My Nephew, The Stowmarket Cycle Club, Hikers, and a Group Of Canadians stay with us.

My brother arrived for a fleeting visit – nice work on chopping down the trees, you should think about doing it for a profession?!

My Nephew stayed for a month, helping us out around the house and learned some French (hope you use it some day?!).

The Stowmarket Cycle Club brought with them plenty of humour, laughter and a keenness to push themselves over the ‘Cols’ – the banter was very amusing!

Four Hikers’ from Florida got to see the beauty of the Pyrénées first hand – they explored the area with a guide and we enjoyed revisiting their route with them over the dinner table!

A Group of Canadians came back to the Pyrénées for some ‘unfinished business’ – they climbed the Tourmalet on their first day and never looked back after that. Their smiles were contagious and they deserved to be proud of themselves – a special mention to Val who discovered a bit of herself while climbing up a ‘Col’.

October has begun with continued fantastic weather (23°-27°), we had a great visit from some new friends who are just discovering cycling. They still managed to climb 3 ‘Cols’ so I’m looking forward to seeing them again as they are keen to climb ‘The Jersey’ (all 6 major Cols of the area).

Di and I are working outside around the house, putting it to bed before the winter arrives – her veggie garden did us proud this year!! 

Frankie has been spoiled rotten by a few guests (you know who you are) so I’m bringing her back to reality.

I’m still trying to ride as much as I can before the weather changes – it’s been a spectacular ‘Fall at Chez Passet’…


Thanks everyone for the ‘Fall Happenings at Chez Passet’…