Frankie Joins The House...

Well, a lot has been happening since my last blog, we’ve added a new addition to the family (Frankie- 9 weeks old), which has kept us very busy with early mornings and, lots of laughter (a few of Di’s shoes are missing).

The Fall Cycling has been spectacular – we’ve had quite a few guests enjoying the quiet roads with good weather, which has given them some unforgettable riding.  Enjoyed showing the guests the “hidden routes” which make this place so special – the “Nipple Ride “ seems to be a favourite.

My brothers here arrive for a few days (perfect amount of time) so I've him to work around the house doing all sorts of maintenance jobs and it’s be enlightening to see just how excited he is when he looks around and discovers the area (took him for a short ride and he still can't walk properly).

Di and I are starting to venture into the mountains for hiking (Frankie’s too young at the moment) but other wise we’re trying to put the house/garden to bed for the winter – I’m still finding time to ride as I’m trying to do another 1500 kms before the snow arrives.

The mountain passes are still open but we did have our first “skiff" of snow today so I hope that I still have a few weeks left to play in the “Cols”.

Next –up is puppy training and jobs around the house – possible wine trip to stock up for the winter as one wouldn’t want to run-out…