French Fun in the Pyrenees

This past weekend we were fortunate to have a World Cup Mountain Bike Downhill event located just around the corner from Chez Passet.
The weather was perfect, the course in my opinion was outrageous and the best part was the atmosphere… the French know how to have fun!
As much as the racing impressed me, the crowds with all the different nationalities and the ambiance that they provided made the day. There were families who had brought their picnic lunches, the beer tent was packed (placed right next to the big jump in the middle of the course), people were courteous, the kids had a great time autograph hunting and everyone got involved in the craziness of the racers hurtling themselves down a path that I wouldn’t be able to walk down!

The course was well marshaled, the gendarmes were friendly and with all the wine and beer flowing there was never any agro – just a lot of noise to encourage the riders down the mountain.
A perfect day out with fun and laughs for everyone… (except for some of the riders who crashed)!

French Fun in the Pyrenees – atmosphere made the day!