A Hike In The Pyrénées - ish...



For a long time I have been nagging Tim about doing some other activity than cycling. Don’t get me wrong, I love to ride, but I also like doing other things, especially in an area so full of opportunities such as where we live.

So this morning while deciding where to walk Frankie I mentioned to Tim about a walk near to Chez Passet that I’d found in a book that has a bunch of local walks suitable for children. 

“The book says it’ll only take 2 hours and seeing as though it’s a kids book it can’t be that hard” I said “besides it’ll be great to check it out.”So off we went, 9am, only take a couple of hours, back in time to do other stuff and Tim was riding with the Cycling Club at 1pm and I had a date with a chair in the sun and my book, perfect!

Bearing in mind that we were using a French book this was going to test our French but we were confident we knew where we had to go. Found the parking and trailhead in a beautiful little village full of old watermills and after a small detour up the wrong track, we were on our way.

What a beautiful walk. Amazing views of the Lourdes and the Argelés Valley that we had never seen. Lush mountain sides with fully flowing streams, a ton of cows and loads of small villages that we never even knew existed. Frankie was in heaven. It was stunning.

We got to the “top” in the right amount of time where we were treated to a 360° view of the area. Lézignan and our house were clearly visible in the distance. It was fantastic, clear, crisp and not a sole around except for half a dozen vultures floating on the thermals above us. An ominous sight!

That’s where is all went wrong! After studying our book and deciphering a few French words that we didn’t know we headed down the trail. A bad move apparently.

45 min later we were “spat out” at a little village that wasn’t on our map and were greeted by 2 very noisy (and big) dogs. So we turned the other way and bush-wacked our way down to a road that we had seen. We kind of knew where we were but we were clearly in the wrong valley to the one we had started in…oops!

Off we went again. Tired legs, talk of pizza and beer and apologies to Tim because we wouldn’t get back in time for his club ride. So exactly 3 hours after setting off for our easy (kid friendly) 2 hour walk we got back to the van.

Pizza and beer later, Frankie was asleep in the sun and we were resting sore feet figuring out where we went wrong. I think we got it…

It was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning and to see another aspect of the area. Can’t wait for the next one although I might wait a while before asking Tim again!