A New Addition In The Fall...???


For those of you who haven't been to Chez Passet, we are located only 3 km outside Lourdes in a small village surrounded by farms and fields. We have a fair amount of outside space around the house including a wooded area where we haven't even ventured yet. Needless to say that the place is crying out for an animal to cruise the boundaries, upset the farmers and dig up the flower beds.

So today Di and I decided to go and look at increasing our family size by one.... no, adoption was not on the cards so we went to check out  getting a new dog. We're looking at getting "her" in the fall as right now it's far to hectic to find the time to train "her" - and guess who's job that is???

Now, for me looking for a dog is a scientific art - vet the parents to be, check the breading line, view the siblings, see where they live and ask all the right questions - good thing I don't have a daughter.... 

For Di it was all about the Dog... how cute they are and could we get two?

We ended up finding a breader in the Madiran Wine region (funny that!), so off we went. Beautiful "Bluebird Day", the backroads we're quiet and the sunflowers are just starting to poke their heads up - nice to venture to another region (only 1½ hrs from Chez Passet) and see the rolling hills full of wine to-be.

The breeder only has puppies once a year from her dogs, so lucky for us there were no puppies available or we might have ended up with a full car for the return journey. We were able to meet the mum and dad (black lab in photos) to be and are happy to wait until the Fall.