Our First Year In France...


November 30 marks the date that Di and I landed in France to start our new chapter, exactly 1 year ago.

Seeing that we are ordinary folk who like to think big we decided it fitting that we should hold a Chez Passet Annual General Meeting to mark the occasion and make some reflective personal and business decisions.

So we convened a time and place where our shareholders  (that would be Di and I) should meet.

7 pm in the CP dining room – bring your game face… and a bottle of wine.


To set the scene:

It was cold outside, we had skied the morning and rode our bikes in the afternoon.

The fire was lit, the table was cleared and Frankie was chewing on yet another log from the wood pile (home made kindling).

My agenda was a post-it note with writing that only I could understand. It included subjects like budget, marketing and website.

Di arrived with her agenda written on the back of a cut up cereal box and she said it contained similar items although I think it was her shopping list.

I took the minutes and I’m not sure about point # 12 – 15, as I can’t read them…


The Wine:

Di brought a bottle of Domaine Berthoumieu Petit Manseng 2008 white and I raided the Spanish rack and opted for a Marques de Murrieta Rioja Reserva 2002.


The Digestif:

Poire William and others…


The Food:

A bag of nacho chips and some expensive crackers (well not too expensive).

And that’s where it all went wrong!

With the wine flowing and the fire crackling we’d had one of the best days ever. Skiing followed by riding followed by good wine. It doesn’t get much better than that.


AGM Minutes:

Unanimously decided that we had made the right decision in moving to France.

Unanimously decided that we’d had a fantastic summer both business and guest wise, sure we had some things to improve on but we know what they are and will sort  them out at a later date. (that was my idea…).

Unanimously  decided that we need to taste more wine, eat more cheese and continue to laugh as much as we did this year! 

Unanimously decided that the wine was so good that we needed to drink another bottle.

What a year! Who needs to change that?

Meeting adjourned...