Paris-Roubiax 2014

Respect, Speed and BIG Cojones…

Run since 1896, this race certainly deserves it’s nickname ‘Hell Of The North”, it really was mental and physical attrition – and I loved it!

The weather was a typical northern France day; a cold early morning fog gave way to clear skies with a slight breeze.

Over 3000 riders took part and with many of the prime viewing places taken in anticipation for the pro race the following day, the ride had a magical atmosphere.

Riding the cobbles (Pavé) is like nothing else I have ever done, and in conjunction with the history of the race, made it a very special day indeed.

The bike, wheels and tyres arrived at the finish line without an incident, my body felt beaten-up and I was mentally fatigued (concentrating on the pavé, looking for the least roughest route takes it’s toll). The beer in the Roubaix bar went down well and the evening festivities with friends capped off a wonderful day!

The next morning with my body feeling a little sore I watched the pro’s - the speed, riding in a pack over these narrow rough roads, the convoys of support vehicles, the huge crowds on the side of the tougher(!) sections, gave me a heightened level of respect - these guys are hardcore, 144 finished out of 199.

Paris-Roubaix 2014 – Respect, Speed, BIG Cojones and a Fantastic Experience…