Schooled On The Col de Marie-Blanque

Today is a holiday in France (they have 3 of them this month so I wonder why I can’t get anything done…) so the club had a special ride to the Col de Marie-Blanque.

Sounded like fun so I went along only to find the entire top end racer riders were there – what a difference that makes from my usual club rides.

Needless to say I was schooled on how to climb a Col “French Style” (full gas from the bottom to the top) – I wasn’t the last up but it was impressive to see how the “young guns” can ride (I’m I getting old?).

The one thing that that the French haven’t figured out yet is that old white cycling shorts (or new ones for that matter) don’t work in a pace line (shave your ass – please!).

Schooled On The Col de Marie-Blanque – that was a good lesson!