Spring Time In The Pyrenees... At Chez Passet

Spring has arrived – the weather has been perfect for riding, I’m starting to tackle some of the lower “Cols” trying to get the legs used to the strain of climbing again (we’ve had a lot of snow this year so not sure when the “Big Cols” will open). It’s amazing how quickly you lose the ability to sustain a long climb at full pace – it will come back but it seems like I’m a long way off…

We’ve now been able to go outside and start the spring clean up; I even cut the lawn last week so I know that spring has arrived. Lots to do around the place, Di & Frankie are busy in the garden  (Frankie’s doing most of the work digging holes for Di to plant her seeds) and we’re landscaping the courtyard after we demolished the old ruin (how much stone?). 

Lots of activity in the village – the farmers are all out tending to their fields, the cows are on the move and everyone has a smile on their face – nice to see it come back to life!

Spring Time In The Pyrenees… a welcome sight!