Summer In The Pyrénées - Gotta Love It!!



I can't believe that it's been this long since I last posted on my blog! Where did that go?

What's happened since?

We've made some new friends and saw quite a few old friends - the old friends crack me up as time seems to stand still with them (I've known this one friend since I was 5) and the laughter never stops. The new friends will become old friends and I look forward to seeing them again...

We took a forced week off at the end of the Tour (guest cancelled), which enabled us to re-charge, and catch-up on our much-needed sleep. 

August is bringing hot cycling temperatures with plenty of high mountain riding as it’s been 40°C on the road down in the Valley!

Di’s just arrived back early from a proposed 3 day cycle trip to the coast - she aggravated a saddle sore which was sustained earlier in the week so she’ll be looking forward to attempting the trip again.

Frankie is becoming “one” with the guests – she loves all the attention, but when they leave she sulks around looking for someone else to play with – a dogs life!

I’m continuing to explore the area and enjoying showing guests (when I can) some of the “quiet little gem routes” that are on my doorstep. Found one last week – 2.3kms long, average gradient 14.6%, I took Di on it – that didn’t go down too well as I forgot to tell her (?!) about the steepness of the climb (it slipped my mind)!



Summer in the Pyrénées at Chez Passet – gotta love it!!