A week with the "Cape Town Gang"


This past week at Chez Passet we had the pleasure of hosting a group from South Africa (7 from Cape Town and 1 from the UK), 

It's been a while since Di and I have laughed so much...

They managed to ride all the major Cols and I even took them riding to some of the hidden routes which surround the area - I must say that they certainly put the kms. in. What made the whole riding perfect was the smiles afterwards (mind you there was few curse words thrown my way on the uphill parts) as they realized where they had been and what they had seen. Their world is a lot different than mine but to hear about where they come from and what life is like for them makes me appreciate what is around me even more.

Sad to see them go but hope to see them again - thanks for the laughs and the refreshing attitude.

I won't forget the exoressions that they put on the villagers faces with their version of "Bonjour Bonjour" as they cycled by...

Next up is a few "Canuks" to remind me of back home.